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Beachcombing ABC's

Fatigued by the limitations of COVID, my daughter and I became interested in a UK pastime—mudlarking. Seeing Instragram posts and watching YouTube videos of gleeful mudlarkers finding washed up bits of history inspired us to hit the beach. What most consider junk, we see as a challenge to decrypt an objects's original purpose.
Not unlike a sculptor, the surf has the ability to break, shape and sand down edges to recreate and repurpose objects that would otherwise be in a landfill. These artifacts are then resuscitated by us for a new life.
This project continues the theme of constructing letterforms from found objects. All of the items photographed have been retrieved over many trips to a shore in the NY.
The goal is to compile a book that will not only be for early readers to learn their alphabet, but allow them to use their observational skills to notice hidden details while giving a lesson in beach ecology. 
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