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Not Just Women's Work

(Trailer) 2005

Thesis Project

School of Visual Arts

Computer Art Program

Women have traditionally dominated the nursing profession since the early 1900’s.


If a man chooses to pursue a career in this field, does he face the same obstacles that his counterparts did when they entered male dominated occupations?


This film explores the ramifications of gender bias felt by male nurses, and how the U.S. healthcare system is hurt by their low participation rate.


Originally presented as a DVD with interactive components that contained interviews of nursing professionals, and historical and statistical information on the nursing profession.


Since the creation of this project, the percentage of men entering the field has steadily increased, but not in enough numbers to keep pace with the current overwhelming need.


This ongoing shortage has been exacerbated by the arrival of COVID-19 (see 8/21/21 article NY Times, 'Nursing Is in Crisis': Staff Shortages Put Patients at Risk).

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